DO Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” So says the Wizard of Oz to Dorothy and her friends when Toto discovers that the booming voice of the wizard is just a motley guy with a microphone. Putting on a great show at PeoplesBank Park all season is a little like that. We work very hard not to let our customers see the effort that goes into operating York’s premier hospitality and entertainment venue. That would be like seeing the actors scrambling into their costumes backstage while you’re at a great show – it would distract from your enjoyment of the play.

But judging from the number of questions we get about our business, we also know that many of our fans and friends are pretty curious about what it takes to make PeoplesBank Park the most welcoming place in York. Our new blog, The Revs Times, is where we pull back that curtain…just a little!

Have you wondered how we pull off pronouncing about 500 names right each season for our “first pitchers?” Have you wondered where we find 15 great college interns? Ever been curious about what goes into coordinating three birthday parties on one night? Ever wondered how many baseballs we use each year, and whose signature is on them? Curious about what we might have in store for 2019, and beyond? You’ve come to the right place! This is where our talented professionals share their secrets. Check back often for new posts!

We’ll start with our “Big 3.” We operate the Revs organization on these three principles – in fact, they are so important they are on the walls of our office. We want our fans to ask

  • How do they do it so well? We want to operate our ballpark and our events with so much precision and enthusiasm that we blow you away – we want to anticipate needs you don’t know you have, and we want our bathrooms to be so clean you can’t believe our ballpark is 12 years old.

We also want you to watch what we do and ask

  • What will they think of next? We want to be so creative that you can’t believe what you’re seeing – whether that’s a skydiving mascot or a team named the Pretzels.

And, finally, on the drive home we want your daughter or son to say

  • That was the best day ever! It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually have a child at the game. We operate with the belief that if we are so good at what we do that kids say this to their parents (or grandparents), then it guarantees everyone will have a great experience.

I am supremely confident that if you bumped into one of our full-time employees and asked them about our three principles, they could recite them – they are that important.

– Eric Menzer, President, York Revolution