Do You Guys Work in the Winter?

“Do you guys work in the winter?” I’m often tempted to answer, “no – all that advertising sells itself.” But of course, being flip with your customers isn’t typically the way to get ahead with them. Instead, I use it as a way to engage them in conversation about what it takes to sustain a successful entertainment and hospitality business in York, and make the case that they should be part of it. By the time I’m done, they are probably sorry they asked!


Most people assume that the York Revolution baseball season from late April to late September is the stressful and challenging part of my job. I tell them it’s completely the opposite. True, there are more hours to work in-season, but we have a great team of people to do that, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than being in PeoplesBank Park on a beautiful summer evening watching a ball game with my fellow Yorkers.

The off-season is when most of my job really gets done – budgeting, planning, selling, and hiring. We have advertising contracts and season tickets to renew and new business to sell, groups events to plan, and promotional appearances to schedule. This season, we are designing a new season ticket plan that will change the way our fans can attend ballgames. We are working harder than ever to attract the very best December graduates as great 2018 interns and working on an inventive new approach to our centerfield concession stand. Those commitments have to be made now, or they won’t happen in April.

The job of any leader comes down to three things: Create the right strategy, hire the right people, give them the right environment to work in. Those three things primarily happen in the off-season; by April, it’s too late to change much for this year.

As I write this, we are over 50% to our advertising sales goal for the year, we are furiously processing season ticket renewals, we are planning our 2018 birthday party marketing campaign, and we’re working on fun stuff like what we are planning for our themed jersey auctions for this year. Any ideas? Email me – it’s not too late!

– Eric Menzer, President, York Revolution

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