5 Great Additions to Great Events

The start of a new year typically includes lots of “best of previous years” lists. Never ones to be left out of a trend, we at Revs Times recently looked back at some of the best events held here at PeoplesBank Park. Hosting a celebration at a professional baseball stadium already puts it ahead of most events, but the following five clients included some above-and-beyond elements that took their events to the next level.

  1. Betting on a Good Time: A few years ago, Nexterus, a Susquehanna valley company, opted to host its company holiday party with us. The annual party had always featured some type of fun theme, but the client really cashed in with “Casino Night,” the brainchild of planning by our staff and theirs. While Nexterus rented casino equipment, games, slot machines, and operators, we made sure that all materials seamlessly fit into PeoplesBank Park’s hospitality space and that guests still had ample room for mingling, tables for sitting and dining, hors d’oeuvre stations, etc.


  1. Go Big in Saying Thanks: Regal Inc. could host its company party at a local hotel or restaurant, but to make the event unique, organizers have chosen to celebrate at PeoplesBank Park for the past several years. That lets the company treat its team like champs – and even use our unique AV capabilities to broadcast its logo and company message on our centerfield video board. To really top off the event, Regal and the Revs staff carefully fill our expansive space with raffle items, gifts, and prizes to help Regal reward its staff members for another great year.


  1. Location, Location, Location: High Off Life LLC. hosts an annual toy drive around Christmas time. The event provides toys, gifts, and donations for area residents who otherwise wouldn’t receive anything for the holidays. To maximize the event’s reach, High Off Life wanted to set the drive in a location known to the surrounding community – and managed by a team organizers felt does whatever it can to foster community connections and growth. They chose the home of the York Revolution. With Christmas songs and appetizers filling PeoplesBank Park’s White Rose Hall, donations poured in all night. In the end, High Off Life had collected more than 100 toys and gifts and more than $1,000 in donations.


  1. Happy Hour, Happy Ending: After one of its three-hour meetings/orientation sessions, Leadership York (a frequent PeoplesBank Park client) wanted to do something fun for its attendees – without making them go somewhere else. They took advantage of one of the unique opportunities that the ballpark offers – they went on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a professional stadium. But wait, there’s more! While some of the Revs staff were showing attendees cool things like the Revolution clubhouse, the batting cages, and the press box, another group of Revs personnel quickly “flipped the room” – replacing boardroom-style seating with high- and low-top tables and food serving stations. When attendees returned from the tour, they found the room they’d been using for a business meeting transformed into a great place for happy hour, complete with a smiling mixologist slinging drinks behind White Rose Hall’s full-service bar.


  1. Home (Plate) for the Holidays: Carl Bender usually hosts his annual family Christmas party at a relative’s house in the area. This year, however, he thought out of the box and chose to host his family party at PeoplesBank Park. How did it go? Take it from Carl himself, who wrote to tell us what he and his loved ones thought:


There are very few times, in fact they are very rare, that you do something new and break tradition and end up making everyone – and I mean everyone – happy. This was one of those times. 

The view, the room, the festive decorations, the ability for the kids to be kids, the food, the drink, and most important the Revolution people made the day not just another family get together but an event that will be remembered. 

By the end, we felt like we knew Lou, Tiffany, Amanda, and Tylor for a very long time and they were friends, not someone with a job to do.  

Tiffany did a terrific job preparing the meal. Everyone raved about the choices, and they were all cooked to perfection. Killer mozzarella sticks, and the desserts were to die for. There was not a frown to be found. 

Amanda was quick with every request that came her way. I was at the bar and one of my nephews asked for apple juice and Amanda searched through that bottom shelf and dug to the back but came up with the apple juice.  

Tylor was there from the beginning to the end. Her smile, warm greeting, and gentle insistence that if there is anything that we needed or were expecting and did not receive we were to find her. Her mission was to serve. 

Lou was everywhere. There was nothing that he did not see. What I observed it seemed to me was his ability to give everyone, adults and kids, his personal attention, at the same time asking me if there was anything else he could do for us. He even took the family group photos for everyone.

Of course, there is one other person that surely deserves a big round of applause – YOU, Taylor. Your guidance was totally instrumental in making everything else happen. From our first phone call, your invitation to visit the stadium and explaining our choices, you made me feel that your organization really cared.   

Sandy and I could not have made a better choice. There was talk about everyone getting together again for a ball game. I’m working now on how to make that happen….. 

Thank you, York Revolution and Legends Catering, for making the Albright Christmas Party of 2017 one memorable event.

– The Staff of the York Revolution

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