FestivICE: The Party Our Partners Made

If you are anything like me, you long ago tired of scraping ice off your car on blustery mornings and are longing for the sweet sunshiny days of summer. Most of us are guilty of pestering Google with “How many days until spring?” while daydreaming of outdoor activities. While we all patiently wait for warmer weather and April 26 (Opening Day at PeoplesBank Park), our staff has been diligently planning the only reason I know to go outside these days: FestivICE.

This will be my third season as part of the York Revolution crew. Our ideas, our goals, and our impact have grown with each passing year, as have I.

Prior to my sports industry induction, I had no idea how many meetings, emails, spreadsheets, tarp pulls, and helping hands it took to run a clean, successful ballpark. Three years ago, I could not have installed a sign while on a lift and wouldn’t have been comfortable using an impact driver. We all would have had a good laugh watching me try. Now? I got this.


In-season hours are long.


Temperatures range from frigid in April to sweltering in August.


It. WILL. Rain.


None of those factors deter the staff here at PeoplesBank Park from brainstorming year round to bring you the biggest, the brightest, and the best talent and giveaways.


FestivICE, presented by York Traditions Bank, is no exception to that collaborative process. We are so fortunate to partner with local businesses who bring fun, family-friendly events to downtown York. Eventive (the Revolution’s event planning and production group) and York Traditions are committed to presenting exciting events with attractions for children, parents, and grandparents alike.

FestivICE 2018 will feature over 20,000 pounds of ice. Yes, that’s the correct amount of zeros. The event kicks off at 9 a.m. on Saturday, January 13. Vendors and attractions will take over Beaver Street and Cherry Lane until 3 p.m.

Just as it takes hundreds of partners in our community to create a season of Revolution baseball, it takes many, many parts of our community to make Saturday’s FestivICE party a success. Aside from York Traditions Bank, I wanted to mention and thank a portion of those partners and highlight what they are making possible this year.


Prize Wheel: Swing by York Traditions’ table to give their prize wheel a spin – everyone is a winner!

Ice Attractions: DiMartino Ice Company of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, will carve out the famous 40-foot ice slide and Yeti throne, among other icy creations. Single tickets and wristbands (for unlimited rides down the ice luge) are available for purchase.

Hockey Shot: If you’ve ever dreamed of making it big in the NHL, the hockey shot attraction, presented by McConkey Insurance and Benefits, is the place for you.

Wing Eating Contest: For those who are feeling hungry (and brave), put your taste buds to the test at Quaker Steak & Lube’s wing eating contest. Sign up early to secure your spot. The contest commences at noon.

Turkey Bowling: If you’re more of a bowling league lady or fella, turkey bowling will be right up your alley.

Fire Pits: You’ll find numerous fire pits on Beaver Street and Cherry Lane. Get toasty near the fires and make yourself a sweet treat. Giant s’mores kits will be available for purchase – seriously, who could ask for anything s’more?

FestivICE 3.jpg

I hope to see you at FestivICE – I’ll be the one with a s’more in each hand all day. Additionally, I hope you join us at PeoplesBank Park during the regular season (fewer opportunities for s’mores at the stadium, but it’s something I’ll work on. Hey, Eric Menzer, can we chat??).

– Ali Beddia, Client Services Coordinator

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