Best (Birth)days Ever – Six Easy Steps

One of the York Revolution’s operating principles is that we make “best day evers,” meaning that we want kids to say to their parents on the way home from a game, “Mom, that was the best day ever!” If there is ever a day when this is even more important, it’s a child’s birthday.

Every parent, of course, wants the big day to be perfect for the birthday boy or girl. In fact, it can be pretty stressful trying to figure out just how to make the day truly special. How do you make it unique? How do you avoid the boring clichés? How do you work in time to do the planning, set-up, cooking, clean-up?

The answer, of course, is have someone else do it!

6-26- Scout Night #1 158

Here are six tips to throwing a great kids’ birthday party – and how we knock it out of the park in the Kona Ice Birthday Zone at PeoplesBank Park.

  1. Have both a firm and flexible schedule. This sounds odd but it makes sense – you definitely don’t want your guests showing up before you are ready, and you don’t want the whole thing so rigid that it is ruined if someone is 30 minutes late or has to leave early. A Revs game works great for that. Your official “start time” is an hour before the game, when our gates open, but whenever your guests arrive our staff will take care of them, and they can leave whenever they need to, based on their personal needs. We serve food for a two-hour window, and you can do cake and presents whenever you are ready. AND there’s no group in line behind you waiting for the room, pressuring you to leave.
  2. Look who’s coming. Many experts say you should have separate parties for the child’s friends and family. This makes sense if you are confined to a couple rooms at home, but a great thing about a party at PeoplesBank Park is that you have 200,000 square feet of ballpark to roam! The adults can hang out and chat while the kids take in the awesome sights, sounds, and fun of the ballpark without anyone having to sit in Grandpa’s lap.
  3. Serve kid-friendly meals – and plenty of it – but don’t overdo it. Huh? How can both be true? We’re not sure, but we think we get the point – nothing ruins a party faster then running out of the food, but given their limited attention spans, who wants to try to sit kids down to a meal? And waste money on unused food? You don’t have that problem at PeoplesBank Park, because we serve an all-you-can-eat, two-hour pizza and hot dog buffet. Eat as much, or as little, as you want.DO8A1627.jpg
  4. Burn off that energy! Kids have plenty of energy to begin with – try putting 10 of them together on a day where at least one of them is hyped-up to begin with. Experts say one of your activities should burn off energy. Well, we’ve got that covered, because our parties include free access to the entire DownTown’s Playground, including carousel and bounce houses. If that doesn’t do it, we don’t know what will.
  5. Provide a unique touch. Right – of course. SO, in the internet age, is there really an idea some other parents haven’t already done? Well, there’s only one place in York where the birthday girl or boy will get a Revs jersey with his or her name on it, throw out a first pitch, or have “Happy Birthday, dear Revs fan…” sung to him or her by a stadium full of people!
  6. Be mentally prepared for the mess. If you are ready for it going in, it will be less intimidating on the back end. What? We clean it up for you? Well how about that – so much the better!DSC_0047.JPG

We’d love to help you make a “best day ever” for your birthday kid. Give us a call at (717) 801-HITS or email us at and let’s get this party started

TOYC Hot Dog Hat

– Reed Gunderson, Director of Groups and Hospitality

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