Valentine’s Special: Hits – and Misses – from the Revs Staff

Given the great team it puts on the field and the amazing experience it offers groups and individual fans, you might suspect the team behind your 2017 Atlantic League Champion York Revolution focuses on nothing but baseball and the customer experience at PeoplesBank Park. But believe or not, those dedicated champions of “best day evers” actually do know a lot about a lot of other things…even love.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, the Revs Times tapped some of the experts for their thoughts on everything from great Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas to epic Valentine’s fails to the ultimate expression of love, the proposal (start practicing your “awwwww” now).


Best Valentine’s Day Gift Received


“UGG slippers. They’re warm, and I always look forward to coming home to them. They’ve lasted three times longer than the relationship!”

  • Reed Gunderson, Director of Fan Engagement


Best Valentine’s Day Dates

“Restaurants are way too busy on Valentine’s Day, and we eat out a lot as it is. So instead, we go to Central Market together and pick out the ingredients to prepare our own meal at home. Like fresh salmon from The Fish Market or a bag of wild rice from compLEAT – you know, specialty items. We also spoil ourselves with a take-out order of calamari from Left Bank.”

  • Cindy Brown, Director of Ticketing


“Ice skating. The unsure footing is the most obvious reason to hold hands. There’s also always the guy that looks like a newborn giraffe, who can’t skate and keeps falling – easy entertainment to get her laughing and a chance to show you’re empathetic! You know it goes well if she wants to warm up with you afterwards.”

  • Reed

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We recommend the York Ice Arena ( for this great idea.)


Most Epic Valentine’s Fail

“My husband and I typically try to make a fancy dinner and dessert for each other on Valentine’s Day. He’s in charge of the dinner; I’m in charge of the dessert. One year, I decided to make a chocolate raspberry tart with a graham cracker crust. It was a disaster. I burnt the chocolate being impatient, and the bag I was using to hold graham crackers burst while I was beating it with a rolling pin, so there were graham cracker crumbs EVERYWHERE (the dog was thrilled). I decided since that was a bust to make some cinnamon rolls we had in the fridge in a last ditch effort to have something for dessert. I handed my husband his plate of cinnamon rolls, but when I picked mine up, I dropped them. They landed, naturally, frosting side down. My husband kindly shared his with me, and the dog had the best night out of all of us.”

  • Jen Martin, Finance Coordinator


Proposals – Made and Received

Nate and Pam

“Eighteen years ago, I met my best friend, partner in crime, and wife at the Shurfine grocery store in Spry, where I worked as a bagger/stocker and she ran register. We were both very young and still in school. I thought it would be romantic to propose at work, since that’s where we met. At the time, it was a pretty common occurrence for me to grab the PA radio and make an announcement over the speaker system. ‘Clean up in Aisle 4!’ My wife, Pam, was running register, and I had the night off. I came in during her shift, hijacked the PA system, and announced ‘Attention Pamela, will you be my wife?’ I thought it was pretty romantic, but she was in the process of ringing up an order and did not hear the announcement! I had to do it a second time. She said yes (the customer she was waiting on was actually annoyed by the interruption.) And we lived happily ever after. Incidentally, Shurfine – now ShurSave – has been a long-time advertising partner with the Revolution, and some of our co-workers from 18 years ago are still there today.”

  • Nate Tile, Vice President of Business Development

“Nathaniel proposed on our fourth anniversary after dinner. As we walked to the car, he said, ‘Now’s as good a time as any,’ and got down on one knee, presented the ring…and said nothing else. So I stood there, looking at him and the ring, and said, ‘Well? Is there something you want to say?’ Clearly he wasn’t expecting this, and he fumbled to reply, ‘Uh, you want to do this thing with me? You know, the marriage thing?’ I let him sweat it out a few seconds before saying yes.”

  • Jen

Cindy and Kenny3

“Kenny proposed during a gift exchange at my family’s Christmas. The best part is that my whole family knew it was happening, so we have photos and a video of the moment. During the video, no one is paying attention to my niece and nephew, who were 4 and 2, respectively, at the time, and fighting directly in front of Kenny and me. It’s funny.”

  • Cindy

“I knew I wanted to marry Angie since I saw her hanging up that screen-printed fairy-looking thing in 11th grade graphics class at West York High. In fact, I may have been the only guy ever in the history of high school to ask his girlfriend to be in his senior pictures. Still got ‘em.

After we bought our first house together while Angie was in college, I went downtown and bought a ring at Max Reiss’s Jewelers (currently Watchmaker’s Daughter) and jammed it into an old bowling ball case from the 70’s that I found in the pink-carpeted room where we stored all our junk (which was everything we owned at the time).

Not ready for the commitment of a well-orchestrated proposal – and not knowing such a thing even existed – I thought surely I would know when the time was right. Apparently that time was while we were eating Domino’s pizza and watching Catch Me If You Can in our sparsely-decorated Tioga Street living room.

Right around the time Amy Adams popped the ‘You’re not a Lutheran?’ question to Leo, I went into the ‘pink room,’ came out with a very inexpensive ring that had at least a year’s worth of payments left on it, and got down on a knee between our hand-me-down couch and a twenty-dollar TJ Maxx coffee table. The cold pizza and our six-toed cat named “Darwin” witnessed the whole thing. I think Darwin shook his head.

We were 20 years old in 2003. She cried. I still think she likes me more than a friend.”

  • Adam Nugent, Director of Eventive

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