A “Smashing” Day!


It’s every little boy’s dream – take a sledge hammer and take a whack at a wall. Last week, I got to do it!


After almost two years of planning, we started construction of the 1741 Club last week with our new presenting sponsor, UPMC Pinnacle, and a group of our inaugural members. While the ceremony was fun, it’s even more fun to see Wagman Construction with their real tools stripping the former White Rose Hall back to its studs and bare floor as the first step in transforming that environment.



I love our ballpark. We are very lucky that our founders built us a magnificent home – I would truly stack it up against any of our peers. Having said that, the White Rose Hall décor had gotten little tired, and in our business if you’re not improving, you’re falling behind. That’s why we are making a big investment to create an environment that will be much more like your favorite bar or restaurant, with a more contemporary and fresh décor.

1741 View2.jpg

We are taking out the traditional acoustical tile ceiling and replacing it with one of the central features of the new space – a “floating” wood ceiling that will draw the eye the second you walk in. The floors will sport a combination of polished concrete and new carpeting, and the walls will get fresh coverings. The bar itself gets a makeover and extension, and we’ll have all-new lighting throughout.

1741_view 1_.jpg

And last but certainly not least, we will fix a problem that has plagued the space for years, which is the temperature in the winter. The floor is getting insulation from underneath, the heating system is getting an upgrade, and all the glass in the front of the room gets replaced with new double-glazed stadium glass.

All of this work is in support of our new 1741 Club. If you haven’t heard about how that works, go to www.1741Club.com for more info. And stay tuned – we’ll keep you updated on construction all winter – and reveal some other new features here at PeoplesBank Park.

– Eric Menzer, President, York Revolution

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