A Space for Any Group

I might be a little bit biased because I work here, but I have to say that PeoplesBank Park has great options for any group function. Let me tell you about a few of my own personal experiences from the 2018 season.

Last year was my dad’s 60th birthday. My mom wanted to do something special, and since he was a legendary Loganville baseball coach, we figured it would be great to have the party here. The attendance was about 70 people. Ages ranged from 4 years old to 70 years old. We definitely wanted to have good food and with some older guests, protection from the heat and weather elements was very important. The ideal option was the indoor White Rose Hall located in the skybox level. The space accommodates groups of 50 to 150 people. The package included two hours of all-you-can-eat food and beverage and playground wristbands for the kiddos. We were able to decorate the room with a golf theme, and it was really fun. All of the guests had a great time, and my mom was happy that she did not have to spend lots of time decorating, cooking, and cleaning. This is one example, but I’ve seen the room used for bachelor parties, graduation parties, holiday parties, and even a funeral wake.

The White Rose Hall is changing for 2019. Right now, there are HVAC pipes hanging from the ceiling and holes in the wall as we currently undergo a major renovation. During the off-season the space will be transformed into a new VIP entertainment area known as the 1741 Club presented by UPMC Pinnacle.  The 1741 Club will serve as an area for group outings, but the primary use will be for member businesses to entertain clients, employees, prospects, and vendors. The concept is that rather than purchase tickets to a specific game, members will buy a package of flexible passes that can be redeemed for any game. A pass may be easily gifted through email, text, or hard copy and can be redeemed just as easily. Guests visiting the club will find that their experience is all-inclusive. Parking is included with your ticket to the game with an all-you-can-eat menu of delicious food that will be a step above your typical ball game food. House wine and domestic beers are also included. So far, 37 members have joined. I’ve heard many ideas on how passes might be used, including to reward employees for a job well done, recognize staff anniversaries, or treat teams on a recent success or as personal entertainment for the boss or a gift for a new client or prospect. One other great use is for networking. The room holds up to 150 guests and many member businesses will be in attendance on any given night.

1741_view 1_

With the 1741 Club taking over the White Rose Hall space, we will be creating a new area for parties like the one we had for my dad this past season. Skyboxes 1 through 5 on the first base side are currently under renovation to create two new rooms, the Monarch and Solomon Suites holding groups from 30 to 150 guests. This area will serve the same purpose as the former White Rose Hall, with two-hour food service included. Past clients will enjoy this fresh new space and new amenities while enjoying the same great food and service they have come to love over the years.

With all the moving pieces, there is still an option for our smaller groups who prefer the indoor space. There will be two nightly rental suites available for groups of up to 20 people. New for 2019, the suites have been upgraded to skyboxes with larger seating areas, more counter space, and in-suite bathrooms. Various menus are available at different pricing points. Many of my advertising clients like to host a party in the suite during the season.

I am also a member of a local business networking group called the Southern York County Business Association. Every year we investigate opportunities for a summertime membership picnic. The event has been hosted at several locations over the years. We always take a look at local parks, vineyards, etc.  This past year we held the event at the ballpark. Our members were looking for a laid back option with good food and “stuff” to do without breaking the bank. The Bullpen Balcony and Home Run Patio were the perfect option to enjoy some sunshine and traditional picnic fare like dogs, burgers, and sausage. The combined area offers fun picnic games for adults and kids. The Bullpen Balcony at the front of the area is closest to the field and Closer’s Bar and is available exclusively to groups of 50 to 100 people. The Home Run Patio section is also specifically available to groups but can accommodate smaller groups. Games such as giant Jenga, Connect 4, shuffleboard and skee-ball make both areas fun for everyone. Additionally, kids in these group areas receive free wristbands. Tents in the Home Run Patio provided our group shade from the sun. We had a great turnout from members of the group and their families and actually turned the event into a successful fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of York and Adams County.


Another option for groups who are looking for exclusivity and the outdoor experience is the Dietz & Bluett Insurance Solutions Diamond Deck. The Diamond Deck sits behind home plate and offers a VIP view of the action and a variety of menu selections for the two-hour all-you-can-eat buffet. This spot is ideal for groups of 25 to 50 people and provides a terrific outdoor party experience.

One of my passions over the years has been coaching youth sports. I have been coaching my daughter’s softball team for the past few years. Last year, I led the charge in forming a new local youth softball league called Suburban York Softball Club. As any sports parent knows, one of the key ingredients to a successful youth league is fundraising. You can sell sandwiches or do the dining rewards thing OR you can have an event at PeoplesBank Park. One of our most successful fundraisers was an event in the group seating section here at the ballpark. We had about 50 players, coaches, and parents out to the game. Tickets are reasonable and can include a food voucher for a meal. Our group got to sit together in the group seats, and there was a visor giveaway that night. Very cool! Some of the girls were able to participate in on-field games, first pitches, and other activities. We got a lot of really great pictures from the night and posted them on Facebook to show the world how much fun we are. Great player recruitment tool! This event was fun for everyone, and we raised a bunch of money for our girls. Every year, many groups including church groups, youth sports teams, senior groups, performance groups and social clubs take advantage of the group seating opportunity at PeoplesBank Park.

70418 Revs (20)

As you can see from my own experiences just this past season, there really are spaces for any group. The Revolution continues to be innovative by updating our offerings to meet the needs of our group clients. What groups are you a part of, and how can you bring some fun back to your group outing with a visit to PeoplesBank Park this season?

– Nate Tile, Vice President of Business Development

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