Our 5 New Year’s ‘Revolutions’

Lose weight. Save money. Find love. Travel/read/exercise more. We’re about 10 days into 2019, and many of you have set personal goals to make 2019 a stellar year. Here at PeoplesBank Park, we have New Year’s Revolutions. Here’s five things we’re hoping to accomplish this year:

Revolution 1 – Beat Lancaster. This one’s pretty simple, since those chumps across the river are our arch rivals. Benjamin Franklin said only death and taxes were certain in life, but I’d argue that Yorkers enjoying a Barnstormer beatdown is the third. Does anyone get tired of watching the Revs beat those cowbell brandishing braggarts?

Revolution 2 – Save you money. That’s right – we’re ramping up the ways you can save through our York Revolution app. There’s a number of ways to earn Revolution Rewards points which you can redeem for free tickets, concessions, merchandise and ballpark experiences. Download the app today, register as a user, and enter code “DOWNTOWN” for your first 100 points!

Revolution 3 – Exercise more and lose weight. This sounds weird for a business, but metaphorically it’s spot on. We want to get our game experiences in shape, so that we’re only providing the best entertainment and social experiences for our fans. We’re going to hustle to find and train the best team of staffers to run the experience, reinvent ourselves with what we do to keep you engaged and entertained while you’re here, and lose all the boring stuff that doesn’t put a smile on your face.

Revolution 4 – Be more present. We know there’s a lot going on at a ballgame, and especially in our busy days to get things ready, but we want to connect with you every chance we can. PeoplesBank Park should feel like a second home, and that starts with us making sure we’re on the lookout for ways to interact with our fans. Not only will our staff, app, and social media accounts be more active in this sense, we’re scouting to assemble our very first Street Team to spread the word on what we do and make new friends across the county. Know someone who should be in our lineup? Tell them to apply here!

Revolution 5 – Try new things. Not that we haven’t always done that, but we’re going to do a lot of new things. Some of our ideas may turn out to be awful, and we’ll own them, but if we aren’t trying to create something a little nutty, we’ll never know what could’ve been. Whether it’s new rules for extra innings, new food creations, or crazy new promotions and theme nights or skits, we hope to surprise you at every game with something you just didn’t see coming.


– Reed “Reediculous” Gunderson, Director of Fan Engagement

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