“What’s in a Business Card?” OR “How To Really Describe My Indescribable Job”

I am often asked what I do for the Revs. I could tell you my title – Senior Account Executive – but that doesn’t explain it. You may guess marketing or community relations from my social media posts or events that I attend. You may even think sales without really understanding what it is that I do. Here goes: I connect those on the outside to the captive audiences that we attract through our baseball team, radio station, and community events and our management of the York Ice Arena. How could a title ever explain that, right?!?

It is truly a mission of ours to connect with people throughout the region, be the most welcoming place, and keep thinking of new ideas to stay exciting with every day that passes. One way that we do this is by not just booking groups and making up theme nights, but by creating nights and events with the people who want to come out to them – hearing what they want, getting them involved, and then spreading the word to the whole community to bring people together. This year we are supersizing our efforts by hosting community brainstorming sessions for many of our theme nights in order to get feedback regarding previous events, gain insight on how to improve, and receive valuable information from outside of our organization in order to have a better understanding of each night.

For example, last season we started focusing on school district nights by reaching out to the administration at all York County school districts to introduce the idea of celebrating them during a York Revolution game. We had a laundry list of ideas that included National Anthem performances, pregame parades, wearing your school colors, pregame performances, recognizing teacher achievements, celebrating student awards and achievements, sharing school teams’ victories, marketing tables for school organizations to spread the word, mascots in attendance, and selling school gear (to list a few).  And the best part – the ticket sales were part of a school district fundraiser!!  With every ticket sold, 50% went to the schools.

Every school district night is very different and depends on on how much the school would like to be involved, who the cheerleaders are, and if they want to add elements to attract more excitement. For example, during Northeastern School District Night last season, we had students shadowing our Rally Crew during the game, multiple organizations displaying at marketing tables, three student performances from the high school talent show, and remarks by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. We celebrated their Student Senate’s mini-THON success by having them flip the numbers over one by one, our mascot DownTown was wearing a Bobcat shirt, our Rally Crew and on-field host were decked out in orange, and we had a ticket competition between the buildings, with the top selling building winning a prize that I awarded that evening. We are looking forward to growing the event this season, along with many other school district nights.

2018-05-15 19.53.47

What I love about this is how it shakes up my job. When the planning for that school district night began, I really had to think about how to connect with students K-12, how to celebrate kids from all buildings, how to connect the teachers/administration, how to involve the parents, and how to show off not only the students’ academic victories but their athletic abilities, their hobbies, and their passions. I had to figure out how to reach the alumni and business within the community, and engage with the residents of the school district to have them be a part of the night. It was truly mind boggling, and I quickly realized that I needed to use multiple ways and we had to stay top of mind to keep up with school, sports, schedules, and so many other dates at the end of the school year. (Also, give me better weather this year and I will be forever thankful!)

2018-05-15 19.55.08

Working with non-profits is similarly so intriguing, because every single one is different. They have a unique story, varying target audiences, and different purposes – awareness, education, advocacy, or service just to list a few. We work very hard to meet or speak with everyone and to learn what a non-profit wants to accomplish, their goals and challenges, so that we completely understand how we can help. Then we figure out if something we offer would help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. I simply wouldn’t know if I didn’t ask, and it would be a shame to never know if a partnership could boost a non-profit’s awareness through a game or help with recruiting staff or volunteers through a spot on our radio station or involving the organization in our community events.

We offer “fun”draising opportunities at our baseball games, too. We’re happy to help non-profits by setting up an online ticket link that you could share via email and on social media for your fans, followers, and friends to share. They click the link, buy a ticket, and enjoy a game – and your organization raises money that easily.

The absolute best part of what I do is being a part of the community – meeting new people, hearing their stories, attending a wide variety of events, supporting local, and always thinking of ways that we can help with the awesome “bag of tools” that I get to carry in my pocket every day. We are definitely more than just baseball, and I am definitely more than just a salesman. I’m a connector, a cheerleader, and an advocate…I just couldn’t fit all of that on my business card!  So, for now I will go by Mary Beth Ching, Senior Account Executive. And, as always, if there is anything we can ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or a member of our team. We look forwarding to working together and having you be our guest.


-Mary Beth Ching, Senior Account Executive

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