Always Room for More

You know what I love? I love the shocked expression I get when I tell someone that I’ve been working for the York Revolution for 13 years. That means I’ve spent more than a third of my life at PeoplesBank Park. People often ask me, “Don’t you want to move up to work for a major league team?” As often as my heart skips a beat when I see Citizens Bank Park, let alone step inside one of my beloved Philadelphia ballparks, I LOVE calling PeoplesBank Park my home away from home.

I also get to call York City my home, which is only a little bit different from the countryside of Lancaster County where I grew up. I love that I can walk to work and walk my dog around the city and bump into season ticket holders like Paul, who walks more than anyone I know, and Randy, who will most certainly yell hello regardless of how far away he may be. I love running into Susan and Missy during a casual champagne stroll, or Clay and Karen as they ride bikes.

Inside the ballpark, I love that I can visit Norma Jean for a homemade treat that she’s snuck into the ballpark, or grab Carney’s seat to catch up with Hazel and Sharon. I get to meet Linda’s pen pal of 54 years from Nottingham, England, and welcome their family to their first baseball game. And little Owen—he gives the best high-fives and wins the most adorable-fan-award when he has to change into his PJs before the game is over. You know that boy is going to fall asleep before he gets home.

These are just a few examples of what I continue to love about being a part of the York Revolution’s team. Our season ticket holders are two steps ahead of the rest and are some of the most thoughtful, welcoming, and encouraging people that I know. Think you fit the mold? There’s always room for more in our season ticket holder family.

You know, our ballpark has 4,167 seats. That’s 10x less than the 42,792 of Citizens Bank Park. I know there’s something beautiful about the intimacy of a smaller ballpark, and I’m confident it has something to do with YOU.

– Cindy Brown, Director of Ticketing

NOTE: Cindy has been busy renewing the memberships of countless Revs fans, who’ve been signing their own “Declaration of Revs Time” at Revs games as they commit to supporting the team in 2020. Have you renewed yet?



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